Franz Patrick's Movie Review of Snatch

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Mediocre, Unfocused
Franz Patrick - wrote on 06/21/08

I kind of enjoyed this movie even though it makes absolutely no sense story-wise. I was interested in the wise-cracking dialogue, listening to the actors' accents, and witticisms. For me, the performance that jumped right off the screen was Jason Statham's. His eyes have this focused intensity that made me want to follow him from beginning to end. He has this cool aura that makes one get to know him better. Since his performance is so strong compared to the other actors, whenever Statham is not on screen, I lose interest. If this film had less characters and less unworthy storylines that go nowhere, it would have been much better because I would be less bored. Still, this is not a bad movie. It's simply alright. Most guys love it, most girls hate it. I happen to lie somewhere inbetween.

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