Franz Patrick's Movie Review of Funny Games (2008)

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Funny Games (2008)

I Love Twisted Films But This Isn't One of Them
Franz Patrick - wrote on 06/06/08

Going into the cinema, I thought I was in for a typical psychological thriller. But about an hour into the film, I felt kind of bad watching the story unfold as the family is terrorized and tortured in ways that are twisted and gratuitous. I wanted to like the film because it was daring and different (acknowledging that it is also a decent remake regardless of it being done shot by shot as the original), but there's something about the picture that is rotten and not meant to be taken in easily. If the point of the film is to make its audiences extremely uncomfortable, I give kudos to the director. I must say the acting here is on a higher level compared to other psychological thrillers. Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet give convincing performances as two preppy psychotic teenagers with a morbid sense of humour. Tim Roth made me feel like I was in pain every time he is in pain; Devon Gearhart made the picture that much more involving because he pretty much was the innocent soul of the entire set up. Naomi Watts is great as she switches gear from desperation to devastation. I think this will stick in people's minds much more than the "Saw" or "Hostel" films even though there is less blood.

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