Franz Patrick's Movie Review of Young Frankenstein

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Young Frankenstein

Smart and Funny
Franz Patrick - wrote on 05/30/08

This is an interesting spoof coming from the 1970's; it felt intelligent, serious, and actually has a story, which is really different from the kinds of parodies that are being released today. This is supposed to be a comedy, and I laughed from here and there due to its silliness, but there were moments of real horror in this movie. I believe this picture's main tool that helps generate fear is the darkness. For instance, prior to the awakening of the monster, there was this one shot where the camera focused on its face: the shadows were covering its eyes so the texture of the face was pronounced, which resembled a recently dead body. Another noteworthy shot was toward the end prior to the monster's climb to the castle. The way it walked was menacing yet intriguing at the same time. Small moments like those I learned to appreciate fully because subtle and sublime filmmaking is an artistic expression that can enhance one's movie-going experience that much more. I wish more modern spoofs were like this one. The trash we get nowadays fail to take the films that they parody to a whole new level. If there is no goal other than insipid laughs then what's the point?

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