Franz Patrick's Movie Review of Raiders of the Lost Ark

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Raiders of the Lost Ark

Something Truly Special
Franz Patrick - wrote on 05/25/08

This film stood the test of time because it is still thrilling on every level. Steven Spielberg crafted the epitome of an action-adventure film because not only does it have a heart and an interesting story, it does not succumb to exploitative violence. Instead of just random explosions and flying bullets, it plays with the audience's sense of fear and wonder, from hundreds of slithering, slimy snakes in one room to the mysticism and the occult. Harrison Ford is perfectly casted as Indiana Jones, both a scholar and an adventurer. Indiana Jones is a beloved film character because he could be a real person: instead of pummelling every person in his path, he is sometimes beaten to a pulp, which incidentally enough, has humor. The main actress of the film is not your typical damsel-in-distress, which is refreshing, because she can actually kick butt. The soundrack is extremely rousing so every time it comes on, I am compelled to get off my seat and go in a treasure hunt myself. This film will always have a special place in my heart because every time I watch it, I cannot help but have a silly smile on my face. It's one of those movies that will instantly grab one's attention because each scene has something special in it. It deservedly spawned three sequels (so far) and I can only hope it can keep going because most action-adventure films nowadays lack a balance of a powerful story, loveable characters, and exciting/creative action sequences.

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