Franz Patrick's Movie Review of Sicko

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Franz Patrick - wrote on 04/24/08

I don't even know where to begin. This film shocked the hell out of me. I saw this with a friend who has relatives in the United Kingdom and he says that Michael Moore is right about the difference between the insurance here in the United States and the insurance there in the UK. Intense tear-jerker moments are abound because one cannot help but feel bad for the families who got screwed over by the greedy insurance companies. The United States government is not innocent about these happenings either. In fact, they encourage and profit from the suffering of others... and they do not feel remorse about it. This film opened my eyes in so many ways because I had this idea that America had the best health coverage in the world. In fact, that way of thinking cannot be any more wrong. I guess it is because I see a plethora of commercials about health insurances and how they claim that "it's for everyone." I will never see a health insurance commercial the same way. They reject people for no good reason--they result to discrimination, racism, maybe even sexism. Moreover, when I do make it in the medical field and if universal health care is still not available here in the United States, I most likely will not work for this country (I'll move to the UK, France or Canada). One of my main motivations is to help people; money is secondary, if not lower, on my list of priorities. I don't think I can live with myself, knowing that Americans have to choose between life (and going into incredibly deep debt) or death (having to choose to die because going into debt is simply not an option). If countries like Cuba (a Third World country!), France, Canada and the UK can give ANYONE (citizen of not) medicine FOR FREE, how come America can't do the same? There's something seriously wrong with this country. Just thinking about it makes me feel disgusting, if not a bit bitter. This is Michael Moore's best movie and I'll be getting on DVD to show to ANYONE who wants to wake up from this "American Dream."

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