Franz Patrick's Movie Review of No Reservations

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No Reservations

Only Half-Way Cooked
Franz Patrick - wrote on 04/05/08

I wish they didn't advertise this picture as a romantic comedy because, coming into the film, I expected to laugh and feel warm. Instead, it's really more about how a child copes through the death of her mother. The film was depressing more than half of the time and I think Abigail Breslin stole the show from Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart. Zeta-Jones' character is kind of hard to relate to because not only is she cold, she doesn't even know who she is! I felt like Eckhart kept winking at the camera and it got somewhat annoying. Still, the best material here works: which is how Breslin deals with a tragedy. I must also mention that the film feels longer than it is. This should've been an hour-and-a-half maximum. There were so many slow parts and by the end, it felt like the story did not reach full circle; it felt like it was only half-way cooked. I liked looking at the food but that's about it, really.

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