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The Emperor's Club

A Cautionary Tale
Franz Patrick - wrote on 03/04/08

This movie says a lot about decisions and how those decisions reflect a person's character, and better yet, his or her future. I love the message of this film. It's simple yet it becomes more and more complex when one thinks about it. But it's not JUST about the movie's message. It's a cautionary tale: how one mistake of a person (no matter how good or bad his or her intentions can be; how knowledgeable he or she is) can have a negative chain reaction not just to that person's life but to those around him or her as well. Kevin Kline gives a multilayered performance that allows audience to understand what his character is thinking or feeling during particular scenes. His character is comparable to Robin Williams' character in "Dead Poets Society." This film is inspiring is so many ways because it says a lot about our pasts and futures and how much one can (or cannot) change after ten, twenty or fifty years. I think this is a gem and I'd recommend it to anyone that's interested in character studies.

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saan yan palabas hehehe? magtagalog ka naman dyan dude

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