Franz Patrick's Movie Review of The Kingdom (2007)

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The Kingdom (2007)

A Thoughtful, Underrated War Film
Franz Patrick - wrote on 02/09/08

People easily label this as an action film but behind the shotguns and grenades lies great sadness. Although the action sequences are jaw-dropping, I found myself deeply touched by the deep silences between the characters, especially at the end of the film. Sure, the film provokes anger and pro-war sentiments but I think all of that is merely the surface. By the time the credits started rolling, I realized that the message is that both ends of the war are losing no matter what. Both sides have families dying and both sides have their own agendas. The one thing that they have in common is their hands are tainted with blood and there is no going back. I think everyone did a good job in this picture. It must not have been easy to tackle a film like this, nor is it hard to swallow. The reason why it didn't do well in the box office is that most people aren't ready for this... even though they should be. It's time to face and fully acknowledge, not merely glance over, the carnage and destruction (from both sides) in the Middle East.

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