Franz Patrick's Movie Review of Eastern Promises

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Eastern Promises

Like a Picture Book
Franz Patrick - wrote on 02/05/08

This is a film where characters contain many layers and it's fascinating to watch the story unfold. David Croenberg effectively fuses thriller and drama because the script is so tight and very down-to-earth. I'm glad to have seen a glimpse of the Russian mafia because I haven't seen a lot of movies about them. Although Naomi Watts is a misty-eyed woman once again like in some of her other films, Viggo Mortensen shines as a silent driver of a Russian mob boss' son. Another thing I liked about this movie is that the things that are unsaid are more powerful than things that are stated. There are various implications that the audiences should just know or understand, which I think is a touch of a masterful director because it helps the audience interact with the story. This is definitely one of the most admirable films of 2007 because it retained its focous from beginning to end.

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