Franz Patrick's Movie Review of 28 Weeks Later

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28 Weeks Later

Packs One Hell of a Bite!
Franz Patrick - wrote on 01/19/08

A sequel that is as good, at times better, than its predecessor. What made this movie better than the original is that there were more scenes where the characters were being attacked. With that comes a sense of danger lurking around the corner wherever they go, so the audiences anticipate what's coming and it becomes engaging. This movie also had some sort of progress: the focus is now on the family rather than the individual like in the first movie. It also embraced a possibility of how the virus infected others society-wise prior to the first scene in "28 Days Later." Not only that, they also managed to talk about the idea of a mutation and a cure which, as a Biology student, I appreciated because the scientists' explanations made some sort of sense. What this film lacked, nonetheless, is that bleak tone the first movie had--that sense of hopelessness, misery, and isolation. It also lacked a sense of sadness that the first movie fully grasped. This is a solid effort and, I must say, I'm looking forward to "28 Months Later."

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