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Beyond the Gates ( Shooting Dogs )

Beyond the Gates
Franz Patrick - wrote on 12/24/07

The second half of the film is excellent. The pivotal scene for me when this movie changed from merely okay to borderline great was when Joe admitted that the reason why he went to Africa was his sign of appreciation because, as a child, he had everything he needed and wanted. Working with that is one the reporter's confession that, to her, when she sees dead while females, she thinks one of them could have been her mother. But when she sees dead black females, she thinks they're "just dead Africans." That got to me so much because it was raw and honest. Upon watching moments like that, I had to give out a huge sigh because it's too much to absorb. Yes, this deals with issues that has been tackled by the great film "Hotel Rwanda." But I do have to say that this film's approach to the issues is different. This is worth checking out in order to remind yourself that genocides in Africa (and other parts of the world) DID happen and ARE happening. Also, make sure to stay before the credits roll. More emotional punches await.

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