Franz Patrick's Movie Review of End of Days

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End of Days

Couldn't Find the Right Footing
Franz Patrick - wrote on 09/30/08

I noticed so many plot holes with this picture as I was watching it to the point where I finally gave up and just observed what would happen. I couldn’t help but laugh whenever Arnold Schwarzenegger would try to be sentimental (I actually missed his one-liners in action films!), the fiery special effects, and how bullets can actually stop Satan in his tracks. One of the few good things about this movie, though, was Gabriel Byrne as Satan because he was able to balance humor with sadism. I didn’t care that much for the story or its characters because both aspects are one-dimensional. The film drags on a bit but there were interesting (and creepy) images that could be found every fifteen minutes or so. It’s weird how this movie has a lot of explosions despite the whole Satan-coming-to-spawn storyline. It didn’t work as a whole but I can’t say it’s a complete mess either. I think if the filmmakers had found a right footing, this would have been pretty good. Lastly, I was disappointed because I was expecting more of a horror than an action picture.

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