Franz Patrick's Movie Review of The Great Debaters

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The Great Debaters

Loved the Debate Scenes
Franz Patrick - wrote on 09/29/08

I enjoyed this movie from an academic and emotional point of view. Even though the rest of the film is consistently good, the debate scenes are the ones stand out because they’re both exciting and educational. I didn’t care so much about the drama between the characters because I feel like I’ve seen it all before too many times. At times, the film would linger too long in the characters’ sadness to the point where the picture would slow down a bit. I wish that Denzel Washington and and Forest Whitaker had more scenes together. The one scene where the two of them engaged was so interesting due to their subtle acting. The message about racism wasn’t hammered even though it was always there so that was a nice surprise. Since this was based on real life, a lot of people knew how it was going to end but I didn’t because I’m no fan of debate nor am I that interested in history. Still, this is a good movie for those who want to learn something new or gain a new perspective when it comes to issues that are still relevant today.

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