Franz Patrick's Movie Review of Matchstick Men

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Matchstick Men

Splendid Acting
Franz Patrick - wrote on 09/14/08

Nicolas Cage gives a really entertaining performance as a con artist with obsessive-compulsive disorder who finds out that he has a fourteen-year-old daughter. Eventually, she learns of his true identity and the audience wonder how far it will go. Of course, the film takes a darker turn when one of the con jobs goes terribly wrong. I remember watching this back when it came out on DVD and was completely blown away by the trippy ending. But I think what’s most impressive by watching it the second time was how it gathers momentum prior to the astonishing finish. The only thing that sets this movie back a bit is its seemingly lost beginning. But when it finally found its footing, everything else was consistent and fascinating. Other brilliant perfomances include Sam Rockwell, as Cage’s partner in crime, and Alison Lohman as Cage’s daughter. Just when you think you feel one way for a character (especially toward the second half), everything suddenly flips upside down several times. This requires a close viewing in order to fully appreciate the bigger picture.

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