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In Bruges

One of My Top Films of 2008... So Far
Franz Patrick - wrote on 08/29/08

All I could say as the credits started rolling was, “Wow.” I relished every minute of this film because it managed to successfully fuse two of my favourite genres–dark comedy and suspense thriller–in an elegant and astute manner. Granted, three-fourths of the movie leaned toward the former and the rest leaned toward the latter but it does not mean it’s less rewarding. Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson have such great chemistry. As the picture progressed, we get to realize that their characters weren’t just fellow hitmen–they were more like father and son. I was surprised by how much emotionally invested I was with the characters regardless of their occupation. The filmmakers were able to show that they, too, are people and are capable of feeling remorse and giving someone another chance for redemption. Never have I seen Farrell deliver as great (and as complete) a performance as in this movie. Farrell and Gleeson are pitch-perfect here. I must also commend Ralph Fiennes for giving a menacing (and funny) performance as the boss of Farrell and Gleeson. Even though he’s a killer like the other two, he has his own principles as well. He didn’t give as much screen time but we get to understand his motivations just as well. Lastly, I must give kudos to Martin McDonagh for writing and directing such a great first feature film. I was a big fan of his short film “Six Shooter” and I hope he releases more witty films like this one. All of that said, let me finish this review by stating that “In Bruges” is one of the best movies of 2008 so far.

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Josh C - wrote on 08/29/08 at 11:07 PM CT

In Bruges Review comment

I am going to have to check this one out. Nice review.

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