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Valentine's Day

Yes - it IS Love, Actually in the US
andyoslo - wrote on 05/05/10

This was hugely disappointing. The talent they had for this movie was pretty great, but the script really let them down on this one.
They basically took "Love, Actually", dumbed it down, removed the funny bits and most of the romance, added a few so-called twists and tried to pass it off as their own work. Ok "Love, Actually" wasn't totally original, but this movie lifts a lot from it anyway. The multi story structure, the "cute kid in love", betrayal and infidelity, a man in the media's spotlight, and even the required "stopping someone from getting on a plane" bit. Just too bad they couldn't write it better.
I didn't really care about any of the characters, nothing heartwarming about most of it (except the last little bit), the attempts at comedy were awful, the highschool kids were too stupid, the music score was crap - especially the "radio" songs.
There were three times I laughed - Latifah had one funny bit, the "put it where you're looking" line and the final outtake. That's it.
And one final thing - the cemetery movie thing on Valentine's. Sure I guess that could be romantic, but watching a film about a guy - a pig really - who cheats on his wife and verbally abuses her and the effect it has on their children, is NOT a movie choice any sane person would show. Could they really not find another Maclaine film for their little in-joke?

So, don't bother with this turkey and watch the hugely superior Love, Actually (again) instead.

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