Rod's Movie Review of The Five-Year Engagement

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The Five-Year Engagement

Doughnut Experiment
Rod - wrote on 11/01/13

Tom and Violet are already engaged after a year knowing each other. As out-of-marriage opportunities continuously come to their life during their engagement period, they choose to postpone the wedding.

This is a sweet comedy-drama, with a decent story to follow. There are some unnecessary scenes and I think neither Emily Blunt nor Jason Segel stood out here. Not to mention that it is not THAT funny as I expected it to be, most of the laughter came from the supporting casts. Although, I like the the "elmo and cookie monster" scene, funny and at the same time, it makes sense.
The story (which I cannot relate to) has this sweetness at the surface. I only feel something somewhere in the middle of the movie. A lot of things are happening but it seemed to not really contribute to the story. However, I very much like the doughnut metaphor, it saves it! =)

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