Rod's Movie Review of Adaptation

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"Relationship ends when the book ends."
Rod - wrote on 10/21/13

A screenwriter is tasked to adapt a book written by an author who had an extraordinary relationship to her subject. On the writing process, things become clearer and clearer as the original story reveals the certain truth.

One thing I like in this film is that the story started with sense and ended with the same level of sensibility, which we often see on movies because admit it, several movies start to make sense when it reach the twist part. I would say that it has a very good, excellent script! Great twist! The strength of the film is the script, it may look very confusing if it failed so much in execution. However, I did not see anything good or amazing about the cinematic technique, but the acting executions saved it!
Surprisingly, I liked Nicolas Cage in here, I was almost convinced that Charlie and Donald are played by two different actors. Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper, on the other hand, delivered very fine acting.

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