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One Day

Oh London!
Rod - wrote on 10/19/13

Set in London, two individuals find ways to stay together, kept in touch, as they met different people, encountering personal challenges, and figuring out what do the two of them have.

The intimate yet entertaining feel of the movie appeared to work well. The love and career theme, set in London (i really want to go there!), seemed to be common on romantic films, plus the bestfriend-ish subplot, but I think no one would hate ***SPOILER ALERT*** a tragic-romance. I also love how they injected humor in this (the Calvin Klein Underpants" scene was really funny). However, I got confused with the over-all message of the film. I'm not sure if it is something to do with nothing-has-changed-since-day-1 thing. You know, a lot of things happened to them in every July 15th, but it all came down on them two loving each other. Also, the phasing is too fast for me, that build up was not really felt.
Lovely Anne Hathaway, as always! And I think the best performance of Jim Sturgess I saw.

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