Rod's Movie Review of Blue Like Jazz

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Blue Like Jazz

Rod - wrote on 08/22/13

Don Miller (Marshall Allman) decides to escape his life of questioning the Bible, his religion, his life. He attends a liberal college, Reed College, to see a whole new world. In a new environment, he struggles to fit in and encounters more questions to himself.

Surprisingly, I appreciate how the movie went. I like the use of metaphors- the use of animations and stuff- to convey meaning. I just saw problems with editing, it could have been so much better if the cuts and transitions are done much in a better fashion. The story, as I expected, was good. I like how it tackled issues like family, being a baptist, the "high vs freedom" and other religious, social, and environmental issues. I think the material will be relevant and will stay essential, and that audience (those who watches and listens carefully) will find sense out of this film.

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