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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Nerva - wrote on 12/30/10

My experience with the Twilight movies and books went something like this. Due to the hype I rented the first movie on dvd. I saw it's potential but it was horribly flawed. I went to a coworker who is a huge fangirl and actually agreed with me on all the points the movie lacked and claimed the book was better. So sure enough I read the book, which was even more flawed. Several months later coworker asked me to join her to see the second movie, New Moon in theaters. I begrudgingly agreed. Low and behold I actually really liked it. Full of action and this strange thing to the twilight universe called decent acting and a plot. I went home and bought Eclipse read it. Eclipse was so good it made me read breaking dawn. Breaking dawn was so bad it made me regret reading eclipse. Eclipse was by far my favorite book in the series and the only one I would even consider 'good'. So when it came time for the movie to come out I was actually looking forward to seeing it. Now as for the review of the actual movie.

It seems the acting has just gotten worse with time. Most notably with Jacobs character. Granted he does have a hard role to play, being a half wolf teenager in love with a girl who loves his sparkly vampire enemy of course but it was clear while watching it these actors are not at all into the roles they are trying to portray. While in the book Bella is whiney and bitchy and for the life of me I cant see why anyone would want her, I would think those would be character traits they would try to downplay in the movie it is actually made worse.

It seems that with these 3 movies and it's 3 different directors each take the vampires appearance in a new approach. Which does nothing for continuity. The characters look odd and out of place when compared to the previous movies pasty and overly whitened skin tones. Most notably was a change in rosalies character who I remember was bashed for not being 'pretty enough' for her role. That may have been true given the nature of her character as the most beautiful of the beautiful people that does not mean changing her appearance so drastically midway through the series is the right thing to do. Especially when we are talking about vampires whose appearance should never change.

The decency of the book was lost in translation to the film and the movie on it's own is not worth the watch.

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