Nerva's Movie Review of The Invisible

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The Invisible

Nerva - wrote on 04/14/10

it had it's moments but I personally think they were off to a good start and then just killed it with the boring melo drama crap. Justin Chatwin was great in his role but after the first 30 minutes the story really begins to nose dive. Not to mention there were scenes in the trailer which don't even appear in the movie I hate when they do that, they make a movie seem completely opposite of what it is actually like, if you watch your movie once it is complete and you realize it sucks don't try to con people into going by filming scenes for a trailer which makes the movie seem much different than it really is. This movie has as much to do with highschool drama bullshit as it does with anything else. The poor girl from the wrong side of town trying to mend her ways and right her wrongs, more of a drama than a psychological/sci fi thriller. You wont find many thrills here

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