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Con Air

mimschkin - wrote on 05/30/10

Frankly, this film is just despicable. Terrible, gear-turningly contrived plot with awful, unbelievable dialogue (and no, the fact that it's a stupid Nicolas Cage action film is not an excuse). And then it has the gall to bring up the topics of rape and pedophilia. If this is a "man's film", then men shouldn't be permitted to make films because it's just so crushingly bad. Explosions! Because everybody likes things exploding for no reason! Of course the female prison warden who has received extensive training and knows how to handle herself around violent criminals would be easily subdued and nearly raped if Nicolas Cage wasn't there to rescue her! And child molesters? Turns out they're not so bad after all! I've said in the past that a film that has no brain doesn't belong in a cinema, in DEFENCE of other films that people often call 'brainless'. This is different, Con Air is an awful, awful film, that is truly brainless, and should not have been made. Disgusting, crass, and entirely detestable.

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