TheWolf's Movie Review of Breakdown (1997)

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Breakdown (1997)

Very Suspenseful
TheWolf - wrote on 08/03/07

When Jeffery Taylor (Kurt Russell) and his attractive wife (Kathleen Quinlan) are traveling in the American Southwest to San Diego, California to start an new life but when their new Jeep breaks-down on the road. But when a mysterious trucker (The late J.T. Walsh) stops on the road to asked if they need any help. But when his wife decides to go with the trucker to a diner miles away for help. Later when Jeffery finally starts his Jeep, he goes to the diner to get back his wife. But when his wife isn't there on that diner. He slowly realized that his wife might be kidnapped. When Jeffery sees that Trucker again on the road and the Trucker says he never gives a ride to his wife. Not even the police officers would believe his story. But Jeffery finds himself on a conspiracy and not everything what it seems to be. While he's trying to find his wife.
This movie was great, it really had a lot of suspense and keeps you wondering because through out the movie you have pretty much just the same information Jeff Taylor has, they don't really go into to many cut scenes away from him, and they don't really give you anything from the kidnappers perspective, so you walk into everything at the same pace as he does.
I recommend this movie just because it was an unexpected find, and I really enjoyed it when I saw it.

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