TheWolf's Movie Review of Serendipity

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Another great Cusack movie
TheWolf - wrote on 08/03/07

John Cusack is a brilliant actor. While he always seems to play the same type of character in every one of his movies he seems to have the type down to the point where just seems to make it work. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale have amazing on- screen chemistry, and when put together they make the perfect pair. John Cusack is a very witty guy in this film and is always there for a good laugh. His character, Jonathan Trager is your typical hopeless romantic that you end up rooting for in the end to find the girl and sweep her off her feet. He is a very talented actor and is nothing short of in this flick. His character is also paired with best friend Dean Kansky (Jeremy Piven), an obituary writer for the New York Times. Together these two are the dynamic duo. Jeremy Piven with his one-liners and comedic timing is a perfect side kick for the uneasy and confused Jonathan Trager. Both are in the race to find the girl of Jonathan's dream, running all around New York, pulled in a million directions, and fighting over obstacles in order to have one last chance with "the one" that got away, two days before his wedding. Opposite John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale is also an amazing actress to watch. She sparkles on screen with her beauty and grace, playing the perfect girl for Jonathan to chase. She too is linked with a best friend, Eve (Molly Shannon) who is by her side the whole time tearing through New York to try and find Jonathan. Molly Shannon's character owns a new-age store in San Francisco, and has just the quirky style and comedic support to balance out Kate Beckinsale. They are the perfect best bud match and are fun to watch interact with each other. With the wonderful setting of the beautiful New York and these four talented actors this movie was sure to attract all those hopeless romantics out there.

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