TheWolf's Movie Review of Planet of the Apes (2001)

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Planet of the Apes (2001)

Not bad, but not one I would rush out to see again
TheWolf - wrote on 07/30/07

The "hero" (Wahlberg), a highly trained and professional astronaut, blatantly disobeys his commanding officer to rescue a space monkey. After being sucked into a convenient local time warp that just happens to appear outside the space station. The hero crashes his tiny space pod on some strange planet, without getting a scratch on him. He gets out and immediately runs into some oppressed humans being chased by leaping killer apes. The hero becomes a slave, escapes, and finds his pretty space station has crashed on the planet and all of his friends are dead.

Over all it was a quickly hashed remake, there were some good scenes, and Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Roth, and Mark Wahlberg and did an impressive job over all in making the movie work. Unfortunately there wasn't much in the way of progression of the film, it was very much like the original, except the makeup and costumes were better.

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