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Corpse Bride

Dark and amazing!
TheWolf - wrote on 07/27/07

Over 10 years afer making the Nighmare before Chirstmas, Tim Burton comes out with another claymation and CGI mixed movie that is once again incredible. Each of his claymation movies are musicals, and its very well designed as the animated models have to match the vocal renderings of the artists that are performing the songs.
The coolest thing about this movie that shows a lot about how Tim Burton perceives the world is that the world of the living is dark, with many blues and blacks and whites and shades of grey. All of the colors are dark and despairing. Then when you look at the land of the dead, everything is bright and full of color with reds, and oranges, the colors show that everything in the land of the dead is festive and fun.
While I didn't get to see The Nighmare Before Christmas in the theatre, I did take the time to go see the Corpse Bride. A must see film!

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