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Halloween II (2009)

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Nixon's Soul - wrote on 02/03/10

Goth meets white trash seems to be the oeuvre that Rob Zombie decorates his pictures with.

In this tale from nowhere, Michael Myers eats seventeen hot dogs before throwing up at the state fair. Everyone laughs at him, so he busts out a weed-whacker-machine-gun combo and kills them all while fertilizing his lawn.
Years later, a bridezilla visits him on a white horse Lady Godiva-style. He follows her (who wouldn't) to Kazakhstan and reads a good amount of literature along the way. He becomes obsessed with Madame Butterfly after finishing reading the screenplay and vows to find a bride just as loquacious. But, lo and behold, she is the one leading him, the one on the white horse. They laugh so hard about it that they almost die, but don't, and that's where the twist ending came from.
Meanwhile, a rambunctious teenage goblin loses her mind.

If you want to see a movie like that, don't see Halloween II.

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