Zombified's Movie Review of Rent

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Good Movie, Better On Stage
Zombified - wrote on 12/27/09

As much as I like the movie Rent, it's safe to say that the staged performance is even better and captures the magic that the movie should have.

The story is very well put together and follows the lives of people living in the poorest part of New York, trying to get by writing music and making low budget movies. Most of the characters have AIDS, and some have drug problems, which makes for good drama between characters. At the same time, the story progresses wonderfully with drug obsession, AIDS issues, and past experiences from characters. Misunderstands between characters happen all of the time, which makes the drama rise several times during the movie.

The character interaction in the film is great. The characters themselves are very realistic and they're able to hold conversations with other characters easily. There's an extreme amount of character development through the story that makes the characters easy to get attached to.

Along with the characters and the story is a great musical score. The songs through the movie bring out character development and drama, along with being catchy and wonderful. I loved every song that they played through the movie, but on stage, there appeared to be more emotion.

Rent is a great musical, but is better on stage than through the movie. Still, Rent is a good movie to watch if you're looking for an afternoon to waste.

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