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Sex Drive

Abstinence Extreme
BryanFury - wrote on 11/22/08

At this point and time we can definitely say we had seen everything. Besides there are really not too many new material in teen movies nowadays, every single one them that previously came out the last few years sucked. And then there was Sex drive. I could not believe how a movie like this could take ideas from teen flicks such as American Pie and Road Trip and be even funnier than them. The humor is just intense you’d laugh your brains out even if you saw it again and again. It's just fresh even though the ideas were old. Plus there is a little something for everybody, so even grandma’s covered. There are a little tiny bitsy slowed down parts but then it shifts to overdrive once again so be patient. The characters are over the top goofy not to mention James Marsden as a raging maniac brother. Also Seth Green’s sarcasm is downright hilarious. The main character is just as likeable as Jayson Biggs “Jim” but less geeky. The supporting characters were brilliant well if not for them this movie wouldn’t be that fun. This is easily the funniest movie this year I can’t wait to see it again. Overall I could say Sex Drive is way up there in the likes of 40 year old virgin and American Pie. If you’re looking to have a good time cracking up then this movie is for you I highly recommend it.

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