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Gimme Shelter (1970)

Era-Defining Documentary
Chris Kavan - wrote on 11/03/08

An excellent documentary featuring one of my favorite bands in one of their darkest hours. Altamont was supposed to be another Woodstock, but mixing Hells Angels and an unruly drug-fueled crowd is a recipe for disaster. The Music is great, and watching the organized chaos is frightfully effective. The emotions are genuine and you get a sense this was one of those events that closed the door on the free-love days of the 60s and ushered in a new, less altruistic era of the 70s.

Gimme Shelter is both a triumph and a tragedy, one that no music or documentary fan should miss.

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mpol - wrote on 02/17/14 at 10:18 AM CT

Gimme Shelter Review comment

"Gimme Shelter" was an excellent film, and an interesting film, because it clearly gave a much more rounded-out, more accurate portrayal of what actually went on at many, if not most of these rock concerts, as well as marking the very end of an era.

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