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The Hangover

Worth the Headache
MovieGuy878 - wrote on 01/10/10

"The Hangover" is satisfying comedy that has plently of laughs. It mixes its winning and diverse humor with clever storyline for the comedy genre. This keeps everything fresh and never dull. Bradley Cooper, Wes Helms, and Zach Galfanakis have good chemistry and do good jobs but Zach Galfanakis steals most of the laughs in the movie. Wes Helms shows he can be funny on other things like The Office. Bradley Cooper is by far the weakest of the 3 but he still has his tiny moments. One not to forget is the hysterical performance by Ken Jeong as a gay crime boss. Think of the The Hangover as mix "Three Men and a Baby", "Memento", and "Bachelor Party".

Todd Phillips shows he can do funny movies but this may be his best one. On par with his past effort, "Old School". He also shows he's a talented writer with a clever and consistently funny screenplay. The best thing about The Hangover is the screenplay. To round it out, theres a lively soundtrack and one of the funniest camoes you'll see.

This movie's end runs into a typical comedy ending territory, yet it teases at more to come in a possible sequel. "Tha Hangover" is not a classic but it manages a throughly funny film thats well made and given a much needed shot of cleverness.

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