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Taken (2009)

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MovieGuy878 - wrote on 05/15/09

"Taken" is a slightly above average action/thriller thats enjoyable but wouldnt want to see again. Taken is "Ransom" meets any of the movies in the Bourne franchise. The main reason this movie works for the most part is the powerhouse proformance by Liam Neeson. He doesn have that much to work with in way of a story or writting but he knocks it out of the park. Neeson is really underrated actor who deserves a oscar. Pierre Morel's sophmore effort (first being the very entertaining, but empty "District B13") shows he can do action very well. Morel offers a nice gritty feel to the film. Yea, the action scenes seem like they're right out of a Bourne movie, but they work and will please any fan of action films. With the good things said, the bad things keep from being something that couldve been real memorable action movie. Those bad things are the story, that includes a stupid side story involving the daughter of Liam Neeson's character having dreams of being a dancer. The other is the writting that offers no character developement and lines of dialouge that Neeson can only really deliver. Theres also an ending that i feel couldve packed much more of a punch. "Taken" is one of the those movies that wouldve been better with a R rating. Hopefully this Liam Neeson's character gets another movie thats all around better. The main reason to see "Taken" is to see how underrated of an actor Liam Neeson is.

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