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The Hangover

One of the funniest movies I have ever seen!
mdtinney - wrote on 05/31/10

Unless you're some smug, pretentious, uptight anti-social person that people don't like to hang out with you're gonna love this flick. It's hilarious. Off hand the "group of guys going to Vegas for a bachelor party" doesn't sound enticing or something that could make for a great movie since it's an epic retread in cinema but director Todd Phillips takes the idea and runs with it. The movie, unlike most, doesn't center around the bachelor party but the next day as the guys try and trace their way through the night and figure out what exactly happened the night before in a drunken haze. The flick plays like a whimsical, drug induced detective story. They chase leads, confront many colorful characters, and find themselves in and out of trouble while trying to piece together the pieces of the night before and locate their pal (the groom) who was lost along the way. The Chemistry of these fellas is outstanding. None of them miss a beat and they're all funny. Of course the lesser known Zach Galifinakis really shines here as the not all there, cling-on, soon-to-be-brother in law of the groom. None of his one-liners miss their target and the sheer sight of him puts a smile on our faces.

All in all a hilarious adventure that will keep you laughing throughout and this I promise you.

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