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Natural Born Killers

Juliette steals the show.
mdtinney - wrote on 10/07/09

I have had so many different reactions to his film over the years. I hated it back when I saw it when i was 25 years old and I didn't care for it as the years went by, then, just over a year ago, I rediscovered a masterpiece . . .Oliver Stone is an outstanding filmmaker, because he takes risks and has a firm vision, doing things HIS way for all theses year, WITHIN the cynical studio system. From the beginning of his career, he's had the heat follow him, being unfairly tagged and bludgeoned, creating controversy at every turn. And "NBK" is no exception. In fact, I believe it's one of the most controversial films ever made, because it still has such a major effect on society today. It's being blamed for murder after murder, which completely confirms the film's message, that society is media-obsessed. I mean, how exactly can you SUE a movie for the act of someone that was insane to begin with, and chose to perform the act ON THEIR OWN? The movie doesn't say, "Hey! Go out and murder because you saw me!" "NBK" is also the most misunderstood film of today. The critics were split, and a certain Leonard Maltin couldn't see it for what it is: sheer brilliance. It's attacked for everything, and the MPAA had their heads in their back sides while rating this, if you know what I mean. And what's with this DIRECTOR'S CUT? It disappointed me in some areas, especially when the Nine Inch Nails song "Burn" was removed from the ending; that was my favorite part. The "Scagnetti-Pinky" scene was HORRIBLY EDITED: Pinky's bra flashes on and off simultaneously, a mistake that seems so obvious. And the deleted "extras",well, they're worthless. But I did like the restored prison sequences, in that they convey a tighter feeling of chaos and mayhem. In short, make up your own mind. I personally was more predisposed to the withstanding form. So if you are unaware of the film's plot, it's simple: Harrelson and Lewis are murdering lovers on the lam who become major cult objects on their rampage and soon become exploited by Wayne Gale (Downey), only to survive a prison riot being broadcasted on live t.v. Simple message here: being a murderer is like being a movie star nowadays. They actually have fans!

What's funny is that the two actually lose count of their murder spree. I still think it's higher than 52.

So watch the film on my Top 200 List and judge for yourself. It's poetry. . .

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