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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me
mdtinney - wrote on 09/22/09

Oh, what a bizarre movie this is. I was reallyy confused about how I liked the movie for at least six months. My initial reaction was, "This is the biggest piece of garbage I've ever seen!" but there was still a part of me wondering if it really was that bad. So I watched the movie again. And I'm honestly glad I did. Let's get one thing perfectly clear. This is not a movie for sane people. If you're expecting anything that even comes remotely in the vicinity of normal, you really shouldn't watch it. It's a story that involves many things. Those things include: a transvestite alien, a pair of incestuous household hands, a flat tire, a radio broadcast of Nixon's resignation speech, and a group of very, very weird and strangely-dressed individuals randomly bursting into song and dance. Plus there's a lobotomized former delivery boy (played by Meatloaf), a monster, and a jealous, whiny tramp (played to perfection by Little Nell Campbell). And it all unfolds to a very unusual rock-and-roll soundtrack written by Richard O'Brien (who appears in the movie as Riff Raff). Oh, and let me tell you something. The sight of Tim Curry throwing off a shiny cape to reveal the lingerie he's wearing is one of the most jarring events of my entire life. But if you can move past the initial shock factor, you'll find a witty movie full of fun, packed with odd laughs at unconventional places, and with practically no real sex at all. This movie is a Cult-classic and I definitely enjoy watching it every other year. A must see.

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