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Masters of the Universe

Where the heck is Mechaneck?
Court J. - wrote on 04/01/09

Masters of the Universe for the most part still holds up as a pretty good fantasy/adventure flick. The cast was pretty solid. Dolph Lundgren was a perfect fit for Eternia's greatest warrior, He-Man. He was joined by MOTU staples Man-At-Arms & Teela. A bumbling dwarf by the name of Gwildor was created for this film. He was a pretty good replacement for Orco. A very cute post "dancing in the dark" Courteney Cox also stars.
On the bad side you have an awesome performance by Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon) as Skeletor. He was joined by a great looking Evil-Lyn & Beastman. There were three kick-ass new villians. Saurod, Blade and Karg showed up to add a bit more danger for our heroes.
Also there was a plot point about a thing called the Cosmic Key. To me it looked like a futuristic keytar!!
All in all this film still has the power!

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Ikkinbot - wrote on 08/17/09 at 12:09 PM CT

Masters of the Universe Review comment

I agree that Frank Langella was an awesome Skeletor

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