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The Great Debaters

Debate is fun
patjohnson76 - wrote on 01/02/08

Denzel Washington stars and directs this film about a debate team from a black school in Eastern Texas that began a winning streak of historic proportions. As the team suceeds in their debates, they become the first team to feature a woman, the first team to debate a white team (and win) and the first black team to debate at Harvard. The plot outline is incorrect, the debate with Harvard wasn't for the national title, though Harvard was the national champion, it was simply a debate at Harvard. I liked Washington's direction more than his character (his teacher character is pretty formulaic). The young cast of debaters are the ones who really shine here, as does Forest Whitaker as the dean of the college. There's nothing here you haven't really seen before, but when it's packaged so well you can't help buy enjoy it.

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