Nick's Movie Review of Rock of Ages

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Rock of Ages

80s Rock Musical Made Comedic
Nick - wrote on 06/14/12

I found myself wondering how I could ever enjoy a musical, knowing they tend to have little plot, and spontaneous breakouts in song... with complete strangers... that just makes the movie impossible to watch. But with Rock of Ages focusing around 80s rock, plus a descent cast list, maybe it has a chance. The beauty of this movie is there is plenty of comedy, the cast works great, the 80s rock song list is exceptional, and the spontaneous breakout in song is done almost in an intentionally cheesy way to make fun of musicals in general. I walked out of this movie liking it more than when I walked in, but I'd keep your money and just get it as a rental. But if your significant other drags you to this movie, don't completely dread the fact that you have to watch a musical, it isn't as bad as you may think. Plus, you get to see a great duet by Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin.

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