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Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

Didn't really enjoy this movie.
filmfan09 - wrote on 05/11/09

Gone In 60 Seconds, a movie about car thieves that features about a half-dozen car chases but the way they are employed in this film is less than adequate. They are routine and by-the-book, and, as a result, boring. Even the sight of Nicolas Cage driving backwards at a high speed on a crowded road isn't especially interesting or exciting.

Like all Jerry Bruckheimer films, Gone In 60 Seconds has a slick look but no soul. The characters are paper thin, and the numerous action sequences are aimed directly at teenage boys. The story is borrowed from that of the 1974 feature film of the same name. Since I, like almost everyone else who will watch this movie, haven't seen the original, so I can't give and side by side comparison. However, if the 1974 version follows essentially the same plot as this updated edition , there's no reason for it to have been remade in the first place.

To me I didn't think this kind of story was worthy of a big-budget treatment complete with A-list actors. Speaking of the actors, As for the actors, they do little more than recite their laughably bad dialogue because they're on hand to pick up pay checks. Nicolas Cage is out of his depth in the role of the action hero. Angelina Jolie speaks her six or seven lines with great pleasure.

Anyway, Gone In 60 Seconds does delivers what it advertises - lots of cars (they easily upstage the actors), a had banging soundtrack, slick production values, and a fair number of generic action sequences. Everything is overdone to the point of being ludicrous. If your fan of this type of garbage then it doesn't even matter what I say, go ahead and see it. Check your brain at the door and enjoy with popcorn. If not I highly suggest you watch anything over than this movie.

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