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In the Heights

Such Great Heights!
Filmhaus - wrote on 06/19/21

While I've never been to Broadway to see a play on the stage, this movie makes me want to experience the story in its original format.

Full disclosure, I like musicals a great deal, especially one with fantastic dance numbers (this movie has almost a dozen), which made this movie a wonderful treat.

It's a tremendous adaptation. Excellent songs, exquisite set pieces, wonderful acting, engaging story.

However, speaking critically as someone who has seen a variety of musicals, tonally the presentation feels like it's stuck in manic mode with little unsung dialogue and constant bombardment of large set pieces.

It's a little "too much of a good thing" syndrome, and you wonder if the film on the whole (not the play) might benefit from staging a few of the pieces in smaller, more intimate settings.

For me, I had some fatigue that set in after the two hour mark.

However, that doesn't mean it wasn't a great experience, and it comes highly recommended!

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