Jacob Ward's Movie Review of Alpha

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Jacob Ward - wrote on 10/21/20

Alpha is considered to me as the perfect human-animal connection film. From beginning to end, Alpha does not disappoint and portrays the relationship of the human and dog perfectly.

This film represents the beginning of the dog-human partnership that we currently know today with our pets. Alpha is the wolf that Keda runs into on his journey back to his tribe since his tribe believed he was dead. After not getting along for a while, Keda and Alpha begin to realize they need each other in order to survive. Near the end, Alpha and Keda make it back to Keda's tribe where the villagers tend to Alpha and Keda. All of a sudden, Alpha gives birth to a litter of wolf puppies. This moment captures the relationship of the human-dog partnership in the best way.

Even though the film is in caveman language, the film tells itself through imagery well, and no dialogue is really needed. It doesn't tell through mouth the story, it tells through showing and capturing the story in the scene itself. High suspense, conflict, and great character development makes this film one for the ages.

Everyone need to give Alpha a chance or at least a second chance if the viewers has already watched the film. This is a film that never gets talked about that much from my end and it not only deserves, but earns praise and recognition.

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