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The Dark Knight

gay movie
SadnessNeverGoes - wrote on 06/12/20

gay movie foolish hero and so called wannabe tough guy thats the whole dead with this crap nonsense .this is not even a movie calling it one is a insult, and lets talk about the bad guy here if you call the joker a villian a true villian then the joke is on you,this guy is full or bullcrap his methods,his dialogs his laugh and everything about, joker is one of the worst villians and bad guys ever created on history..everything sucks about this character its not even a proper character just some junkie with face paint and dirty clothes,and stupid tactitcs..and stupid can cause chaos in the world or the city of buffon ,the actor who portrayed this character heath ledger made a fool of himself appearing in this mess,the comic books and movies this whole trilogy of batman specially this movie the dark knight is pure deserves nothing but insult.its a shame people love this junk trash a movie for idiots by the rating is 1/10 skipp kills brain cells.and avoid reading about joker character or comic books in anything else but comic book based movies or comic book shows anything like that,specially from dc comics.this movie is a proof why comic books and comic book movies sucks.and why they are so bad and cannot be taken seriously or be enjoyed for fun or entertained this is not entertainment,ive said this before many times and i will say it again comic book movies are not cinema they are not cinema period they are just shoved down our throats buy stupid studios and movie makers not even a 5 year old would like this filth and no sane adult too or a man or any olderr person .for all ages this movie is poison for brain.avoid it at all costs.dont pay for this rent or will regret. it skipp this .and christopher nolan sucks.yes i said it fanboys hate me..comic book movies are trash not worth wasting time and money,.if you want a good comic book movie try iron man 2008 now thats how you make a movie..with robert downey jr..way better than this trash.

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