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Hitman (2007)

Hitman Or James Bond?
SadnessNeverGoes - wrote on 09/03/19

is this hitman or james bond you decide because if you have played the games you will notice its not nothing to do with it but still even on its own it does a decent job of entertaining you i mean mr 47 is going on like a playboy with a girl shooting hundreds of people without a scratch and still looks badass timothy olyphant is amazing actor he nailed the role but the plot is total anti russian and makes sense at times and at times it dont but whatever this project is one this is sure it holds massive repeat value forget die hard if you are bored as hell this film is one to pick and enjoy any time its rated R bloody gorey and full of gun fight ,but at many times the viewer notices like why is this guy behaving like 007 james bond and ethan hunt or transporter if you have seen those you know what i mean,i am a huge hitman game fan specially the first 3 games codename 47,and the 2 that followed silent assasin and contracts ,the new onces and the rest i never played ,the first time i saw this film i was dissapointed but when i saw dougray scott in this i decided to give this film a chance hey guys lets be honest here it is what it is.the script suffers and characters like cia guy should have been deleted i hated it the ending specially,,overall the music and direction was well done for a 94 minute or 100 minutes runtime,its a fair watch.nothing lost nothing gain, one thing this film did great was the casting of olga kurelenko man she is just stunning for her career this was the opening high point she later just once year later appeared in Quantum Of Solace ,you know the rest my rating is 5/10.

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