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QR Review Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
QR Reviews - wrote on 10/29/18

This movie.... is one of my favorite harry potter movies. but I have to look at this in a different perspective. I'm going to look at how is the story, writing and the characters and how the editing and the camera work. Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. it is a character transition movie. Harry, Ron, Hermione are going from their kids years at Hogwarts to their ten years, looking at people in a different way as well as doing and reacting to situations differently. whats the story. well instead of being with the Dursleys. THANK GOD. harry is already in the wizarding work with Ron and Hermione aking both of them up for a quidditch game. before that. Harry has a dream of a man getting killed by Voldemort and then harry wakes up. the movie goes more in depth on how these dreams come into effect. hogwarts is hosting on what's called the tri wizarding tournament. three students from three school go into deathly battles to see who the best. and honestly if there was an award then just an awesome trophy then I feel its not worth it other then fame. if the award was money then it would seem reliable that everyone would want to go into this tournament. three people are chosen for the tournament but one paper suddenly picks and its harry potters. the problem is that you need to get 17 and over to do the tournament. but as everyone knows Harry is not 17 yet. so harry becomes the most like to the least like at Hogwarts. harry goes through the years but with what I call wizarding Olympics and its fun to see more wizarding stuff without it being a textbook. the characters do get lots of love as although they don't get much backstory its saved by them transitioning from kids to teens and its shows for example harry and Ron trying to get a date for this dance and Harry says "I rather take o the dragon" when telling Ron while trying to find a date. its a depth to the characters and how they see life now in the wizarding world. there are a few minor problems with the movie. The movie is pretty much over half trying to a date for this dance which is minor in the plot and the grand scheme of things. I like the character development but it only goes so far so, I would of cut it some of the dance parts out of the movie. the visuals are not a great as the third movie. but they're better than the first two movies. There are also better writing as we get more jokes in this movie than ever before to balance the dark tones which this movie goes hard on that. After three movies Voldemort returns in this movie and it makes the past films seems just unwanted now cause the thing that Voldemort was trying to do for the past three films are nothing worth anything now. but we get probably the second best scene in harry potter when Voldemort returns and harry expecting that he can't hide anymore and has to fight him. we do a villain in this movie whihc is brady crouch Jr. but he is discides as one of harrys teachers and it leads me to really wanting him as a teacher as Brady as a great job teaching the kids but i wouldnt want him as a friend only cause he evil. other then that a meh villian. the camera is pretty coll as we get to go a srow through hogwarts in the sky, go underwater, and go through a maze. its really nice camera work. the story while ok has some plot points and i belive its has to do with cutting the movie so mcuh info rom the book. cuase originalyy the movie was going to be in 2 parts. but they cut it down to one movie which is very much their as you can tell things where cut from the book. over all good story, great writing, ok editing, great visuals, and great camera. 3.5/4 in my books its a really good charater movie but its trying to be a story drivin movie that has so many plot holes. good movie but could of been better

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