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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

QR Reviews Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
QR Reviews - wrote on 10/21/18

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets has this hate where it’s the weakest film. I even though i thought that too. But I watch the movie again for review. And honestly my opinion has change. Not drastically it’s still bad. But I think it’s the second weakest of the film. What’s the story. The story is about Harry going on his second of year of hogwarts which becomes a pain as a elve named Dobbie doesn’t want Harry Potter to go back as dobbie thinks their going to be danger at hogwarts. And which their is. A chamber called the chamber of secrets has be open and no one is safe at hogwarts and Harry, Ron, and Hermione have to figure who open the chamber and why. This movie has still pretty bad writing but it’s not has bad. It’s a little better with less complaining from Harry Potter about “oh snape this” it’s him thinking rational. I get he was a 11 year old boy in year one but even I would been like “I shouldn’t give that much crap on snape” and that I don’t know about this wizerding world yet maybe go with the flow and maybe look more closely.. Regardless this movie is a bit dark, more mature, better acting. And it’s has the advantage of not explaining to us so much of the wizerding world and concentrate on the characters. Harry, Ron and Hermione. Are a little bit better in their acting, every adult character is very well done with their acting and what they need to do and a spin to the character and not just “I’m the stein teacher”. The movie talks about wizerding blood. For example the bully Draco malfoy is a pure blood where he has two parents with wizerding powers. Hermione is a muggleborn. Where she has no parents with powers. Harry is a half bold one parents with powers where the other one with powers still but their parents didn’t have powers. Regardless. It sounds like a touchy topic in the wizerding world has some people use mudblood. As a offensive word to muggle born. We get into more of that because of that because we get to know more of Draco family. I didn’t talk about this cause it wasn’t important in my last review of Harry Potter and the sorcerer Stone. But Harry can speak to snakes. He did do it in one scene but it’s was a literal for shadowing for Harry to do it again in this dual with the bully kid Draco Malfoy. He speaks snakes with all the kids around and then the kids think Harry is the one who open the chamber since only a person that can speak snake can get in and is what’s called a heir to Slytherin. But we find out that its a boy from a book called Tom riddle who mite have a lot of secrets with him. I think the movie is more interesting then the last one. It’s has I feel a more dangerous treat and can kill the school. The CGI is a lot better in this one but not much. But it’s their and improved. It’s still bad cause the CGI could of been better. But is a improvement. And acting still needs improving. A new character named Lockhart i don’t like the acting and more do I like the character. It does t take down the movie. But he is sure a slim ball. Over all I think it’s an ok movie. It’s still bad. But where it needed to improve it did but it didn’t go all the way. Over all it’s still a meh movie.

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