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2014 Guardians of the Galaxy by QR Reviews
QR Reviews - wrote on 09/10/18

2014's Marvel guardians of the galaxy are a space adventure films with a unique spin as it has 70s-80s. All the favorite famous music back then. The story is about a band of misfits who meet each other in prison where they have this orb that can destroy the whole galaxy as we know it. One person wants the orb name Ronan the destroyer to be a god and destroy the galaxy. The band of misfits is an earthling named peter quill aka star lord (although no one knows he star lord) that got kidnapped by a group of people called ravenger's who steal for greed and pleasure. Gamora is not an earthling but from another world where another person named Thanos who is what called a Titan takes her and makes her a weapon as results. Drax is a fun goofball who is great for strength but not for brains as he lost his wife and child and is in prison with the rest of the GOTG. A raccoon and a tree named Rocket and Groot. Rocket is sarcastic snarky but is good with the newest Technology in the galaxy. Groot is a tree who says “I am Groot” if you don’t all the explanation. The GOTG have comics and brief summaries of their respective characters on YouTube. It's best to go to the comics to understand these characters. but the films are also a comedy with jokes that adults and children will love. It's not totally friendly. But it can be enjoyed by the family as well. The film does go through some characters pretty quickly like a character named yondu. Who has an arrow that fly's as he seems badass but we don't know him much? This film does have its share of problems. There are pacing issues it goes fast in the third act but goes super slow in the first and second act. I like having the same pacing speed if possible. The comedy is gold and makes the film have really memorable moments that you will remember once you finish the film. The soundtrack is to die for as it has groovy songs that people will love and you will tap your feet. I feel its unintentionally trying to be a musical. The character is to die for the push this film. Chris Pratt as star lord is one of my favorite characters of all time. Star-lord has the best music set ever as well as some good delivery, great gadgets to look at that are cool. Gameria, Drax are fun characters they have good delivery as well. rocket and Groot is a fan favorite as they are what kids will remember in this film and at least it keeps kids entrain. the rest of the characters are fun but needed some character devotement. It would of help. the writing is good for all the major characters showing funny, quiet moments that will make you love them. overall GOTG I will give a 4.5/5 stars it’s a good film just needs to fix its pacing and characters need to be more developed.

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