Allison's Movie Review of The Heartbreak Kid (2007)

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The Heartbreak Kid (2007)

Heartbreakingly funny
Allison - wrote on 09/06/07

This movie is insanely funny. Crass, but that can be expected from the Farrelly Bros. I saw the original version a couple years ago and it was watchable, but not that worthwhile.

This movie pulls out all the gags & punches without being too cliche. There is a Something About Mary/hair gel like stunt. Completely different, but memorable and gross. It got me to cover my eyes. Eww!!!! That was probably the worst thing about the movie, but also the best (no spoilers, sorry). The gag was also set up extremely well. Malin Akerman's character mentioned this early on in the movie, but for no reason did you think that this would come into play. The plot devices were seamless.

Towards the end, you're like, oh okay, oh my gosh this is it. Was the movie worth it? And of course there is a sort of twist at the end that leaves you reeling, going "Oh my gosh this is a MOVIE!" Meaning: the ending is satisfying, and you can leave the theater and go back to reality, because your life is not as screwed up at this guy's and you can laugh about it! :)

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