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The hidden meaning
Terry - wrote on 09/21/16

There are a few points of view regarding the hidden meanings but here’s what I think:

The film is about being reborn both physically and spiritually. This is evident by one, if not the most captivating scene where Bullock takes of her space suit and slowly floats into a fetal position, with wires and tubes representing the umbilical chord and the spaceship itself serving as the womb. Upon landing on Earth, Sandra Bullock exits the spaceship, like a bay exiting the womb and is swims through water eventually reaching the sandy shore. From here we see her lying down, then crawling and finally walking as a baby would. We see her physical evolution here but her spiritual revolution takes place before she is born (crash lands on Earth), as she finds her faith again which was lost after the death of her daughter.

Wow, that’s an incredible story within in an incredible story. This is exactly what makes this movie an overall gem that both the story as well as the deeper meaning keep you intrigued from beginning to end. Making it an absolute ground-breaker and very, very highly recommended for anyone that hasn’t seen it.

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