Guilherme's Movie Review of Silver Linings Playbook

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Silver Linings Playbook

Guilherme - wrote on 09/17/16

This movie is directed by David O. Russel, which has a very unique and singular filmmaking stiles, which light up the actors performances enclosing the camera in almost all shots during this whole movie, capturing even the tiny expressions. This is a movie based on a book from Matthew Quick and works, indeed, along with the book. The casting for this movie was great, focusing on the four main characters and how great and subtle and always in the right tone they were. Flawless performances specially from Cooper and Lawrence. De Niro again nailed it as Cooper`s father. The script and the performances held the audience and the movie itself beautifully. Lawrence throws the performance of her life. This movie is a perfect and clever enough to be watched several times, and the most important thing is that is a movie made for anybody.

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